Application for Port Dues Refund


Between 2013 and -2014, MPA implemented changes to the port dues rates following a comprehensive review with the shipping industry with the objective of streamlining the rates and their presentation.

As part of MPA's implementation process, Port Marine Notice (PMN) No. 47 of 2013 and PMN No.162 of 2013 were issued, and the new port dues rates table was made available on MPA's website.

As part of a recent audit review, it was found that the legislation of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (Scale of Dues, Rates and General Fees) Notification was not accurately updated for two of the port dues rates, resulting in the over-collection of port dues from vessels:

a. Staying in port for more than 30 days; and
b. Paying per call dues after first 5 days of the annual port dues scheme.

MPA estimates that less than 1% of annual vessel calls have been affected. In line with the legislative text, MPA will refund the port dues difference to affected vessel calls based on the legislated rates. This refund exercise will take place from 1 July 2018 to 31 December 2018.

Before you proceed with the application form, you are strongly advised to go through the self-check list to ensure you are prepared with the necessary documents.


To check if vessel could potentially be affected:

  • Vessel was in port between 1 January 2014 and 30 June 2018

  • Vessel was under Annual Port Dues (APD) coverage between 1 January 2014 and 30 June 2018

  • Vessel was under APD coverage AND was at an MPA-approved shipyard and/or MPA-approved offshore marine facilities during its stay in port

  • Vessels that were arrested previously will not be eligible for refund. Visiting yachts, motorised pleasure crafts and harbour crafts are also not eligible for any form of refund.

You are required to indicate the cause of refund in Part 2 of this form.

  • Type 1:
    Vessel was not under Annual Port Dues (APD) scheme
    + was at anchorage for more than 30 days (per call)

  • Type 2a:
    Vessel was under Annual Port Dues (APD) scheme
    + was at anchorage for more than 5 days (per call)

  • Type 2b:
    Vessel was under Annual Port Dues (APD) scheme
    + was in port for more than 5 days (per call)
    + was at approved shipyard for ship repairs and/or approved offshore marine facility for offshore activities

Please have the following information ready before proceeding to complete the form:

  • Information related to vessel call, such as vessel name, GDV number, arrival date of call, final bill number of affected vessel call, appointed agency/vessel's owner/charterer/operator

  • Bank details, if you do not have an MPA account or have not transacted with MPA before.

  • For Ship Owner/Charterer, supporting document(s) to prove reimbursement to your then-appointed shipping agent for payment of port dues charges

MPA will process applications submitted by our billing party (typically ship agents) for affected vessel calls. However, where the agent is no longer representing the ship owner/charterer/operator, the company will be able to liaise with MPA directly.

Refunds to existing MPA account holders will be made via credit notes to their MPA account; this can be used to offset future MPA invoices. MPA will make refund through transfer to the designated bank account stated in the application for non-MPA account holder. Such refunds will only be made in Singapore currency, and through electronic means.

To begin, please indicate your role below:

You are a/an:   Shipping Agent(with MPA account)    Shipping Agent(w/o MPA account)    Ship Owner    Ship Charterer    Ship Operator

For any queries, please email to or call our hotline at 6375 1695.